Toasted Marshmallow Zombies
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Toasted Marshmallow Zombies


Favorite Genre: Metal
Hometown: Florida-Davie
Twitter: @Mallowvision
Joined: 10/17/10 10:52:01
Status: suspended
Rated: 4 ratings, average is 4.00 out of 5.00                 
Quick Bio
Toasted Marshmallow Zombies is an original Marsh-Metal band from South Florida. The band formed in 2009 when the willful corpses of several deceased metal bands from the South Florida area, met with the unlikely but miraculously potent combination of 80 year old marshmallows and radioactive sludge.
The quite impressive living careers of these now zombies are as follows:
Percussions - Marc Newman (Bernt Marsh) has been playing drums for well over 20 years for numerous projects including Geek Joint, Funky Leftovers, Doze, Drunks with Shotguns and various Drum N Bass gigs.
Lead Guitars - Tony Tomaselli (Malicious Mallow) has been playing guitar for over 30 years and is also a personal guitar instructor best known for his work in Malicious Damage.
Rhythm Guitars - Joe Crispino (JoKill) has been playing guitar for over 20 years best known for his work in Funky Leftovers, Doze and Creative pain. He is also a well known tattoo artist for Electrik Krayon Tattoo in Hollywood.
Bass Guitar - Manny Avila (The Mexicutioner) has been playing Bass for over 20 years and has played in Crucial Fix, Grey Legion, Spekulum and Stillborn Panic.
Vocals - Kurt Olimpio (Don B. Mallow) has been a vocalist/M.C./songwriter for over 20 years and has worked on many projects including Funky Leftovers, Doze, Creative Pain, Drunks with Shotguns, 7 Sinz and various Drum N Bass projects as well as having performed at Ultra under the M.C. name Mic-Optyx with Okulus Anomali.
T.M.Z has risen from the swampy graves of South Florida Metal to win awards at the Banshees, hot off their tour of Zentralfriedhof with Ludwig, the Toasted Marshmallow Zombies, are here to use the power of their marsh-metal to eat the brains of the living

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