Straight Line Stitch
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Straight Line Stitch


Favorite Genre: Metal
Hometown: Tennessee-Knoxville
Alt site: http://www.myspace/straightlinestitch
Joined: 10/10/06 14:45:03
Status: suspended
Rated: 4 ratings, average is 4.25 out of 5.00                  
Quick Bio
The hard rock/metal act Straight Line Stitch, from Knoxville, TN, traces its current lineup back to 2003, where they produced such harsh, raw metal that they attracted now front-woman, Alexis Brown. Straight Line Stitchs success both regionally and nationally comes directly from their ability to stand out by doing things that no other rock/metal act is doing. Alexis not only takes on the responsibility of producing a full fledged metal vocal assault, but she fills the voids with softer, even upliftingly melodic singing that strikes a balance between more cerebral radio listeners, and the hard rock loving, blunt force audio assault junkies. Combined with Seth Thacker and Tim Chappell on guitars, Jason White on bass, and lightening fast drumming from Ian Shuirr, the band takes the crowd to a point of near riot, just as easily as they bring them back down to sing along to their favorite songs.

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