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The Rara Avis


Genre: Indie / Pop Punk / Progressive
Hometown: Florida-Ft. Lauderdale
Members: Bryan Adams (vocals), Sean Dolan (bass), Mike Cotugno (drums), Jeff Hurwitz (guitar)
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Quick Bio
Sink The State is a quartet from South Florida that started off as your typical group of friends who decided to start a band for fun. None of them knew how serious of a venture this band would become for each of them.

Sink The State formed in late 2004 when Bryan Adams (singer/guitar) and his best friend, Sean Dolan (bassist), began writing together. They discovered that the two of them had a great potential for putting together unique and catchy songs. However, the two of them were not enough to make a complete band. After a long string of member changes, Sink The State finally found a balance. With new members Jeff Hurwitz (guitar) and Mike Cotugno (drums), the ensemble found that their personalities were reflected in their live show. By mid-2005, Sink The State began playing shows, and currently have an established fan base in their hometown where they are known for their charismatic and magnetic live performances. The members have also played with acts such as: Valencia (I Surrender Records), The Prize Fight (TDR Records), Damiera (Equal Vision Records), Waking Ashland (Immortal Records), Rookie of the Year (One Eleven Records), This Day and Age (One Eleven Records), Madison (Drive-Thru Records), the Track Record (Drive-Thru Records), and moreā€¦

In Early 2006 Sink The State entered the studio (Liquid Ghost in Boca Raton, FL - Known for recording bands such as Matchbox 20, and Nonpoint) to record their first official EP. The six song CD received a huge response when the tracks were leaked on the internet; not only from their impressive fan base, but from all over the nation. They received numerous mentions on, was featured as band of the month on, and earned 40,000 plays on their myspace with nothing more than word of mouth. The EP delivers a new sound and is a breath of fresh air for the genre and the music scene today. With solid instrumentals, catchy melodies, and lyrics that anyone can relate to, the EP is sure to turn heads and be in everyone's head weeks after a listen.

After the EP was released, Dan Dobi, a well-known and respected music video director, came to the band exclaiming how much he loved the EP. Eventually a video was created and is now featured on the band's myspace for viewing.

Sink The State, coupled with their self-titled EP, respectable and unbelievably loyal fan base, one east coast tour, professional music video, and an endless amount of dedication, are now looking to make their passion their profession and make the music that they love.

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