Secret Lives Of The FreeMasons
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Secret Lives Of The FreeMasons


Favorite Genre: Melodic Hardcore
Hometown: North Carolina-Western/Asheville
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Joined: 11/04/06 15:05:44
Status: suspended
Rated: 5 ratings, average is 4.80 out of 5.00                     
Quick Bio
This is one of the most accomplished new releases to come out of the emo / hardcore world in a while. A band from North Carolina takes us to school on melody with teeth like shards of glass and more guitars than a prog band. Really good."
AMP Magazine

"The guitars construct legendary hooks that are so catchy they could go fishing... I know a lot of people are already tired with the melodic screamo bands that are ubiquitous but that's because they haven't heard great bands like Secret Lives of the Freemasons... Awesome!"

"I can honestly say that this might be the epiphany of East coast emocore. It's fast, high energy, the lyrics are heartfelt, and there are breakdowns that would get kids dancing something like Dead to Fall."

"With This Was Built to Make You Dance, Secret Lives deliver an eloquent and art-filled album that teeters between post-hardcore, punk and metal. This is not just another band trying to be different; they are different."

"This is a band that has more talent on their debut album than most indie rock bands show in their entire lifespan"

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