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Genre: Classic Rock
Hometown: Florida-Pembroke Pines
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Quick Bio

The ROKAFONIK PHILHARMONIK is a 12 piece musical performance group geared towards exposing young musicians to the intense world of learning and performing complex musical arrangements. The musicians range in age from 14-19yrs old.

Our participants are at a very advanced level of reading music and performing on their respective instruments. Under the guidance and direction of Founder and Musical Director, Cliff Wallach Greenberg, these advanced level students display their talents, technical abilities and love of music in a nurturing environment.

The ROKAFONIK PHILHARMONIK will expand each student’s musical ability through progressive practice and live performances. This form of elevated musical education derives its foundation from the great classic rock performers of our time such as Grammy award winning artists Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Jethro Tull, U2 and many others.

The ROKAFONIK PHILHARMONIK is unique because it is an innovative and all encompassing study of the creative life of the professional musician. Our students gain practical insight into all facets of professional performance. From rehearsal through live performance they are constantly challenged with the demands of a life behind the curtain.

The ROKAFONIK PHILHARMONIK also offers the opportunity for college students to work, in their respective fields, on the technical side of the production. Stylists, choreographers, sound engineers, lighting engineers, costume designers, photographers and assistant musical directors are some of the positions that are available. For these semi-professional students they have the opportunity to earn college credits and gain some real world practical experience. Being part of the ROKAFONIK PHILHARMONIK will not only give them something to add to their existing resume, it will be something they can be truly proud of.

The ROKAFONIK PHILHARMONIK will bring young people from diverse backgrounds together to create something amazing and life-changing. We are grateful to be able to provide this opportunity to open doors and present stepping stones for the future to our participants. Providing everyone with a positive and rewarding environment to work in the ROKAFONIK PHILHARMONIK will create friendships and a community that will ROK for many generations.

Our Influences
Led Zep, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and everybody else

Rokafonik Philharmonik

by admin, posted 02/06/10 15:29:27   » Friends

Rokafonik Philharmonik


by admin, posted 05/28/09 21:57:21   » Bands

ROKAFONIK AUDITIONS! Auditions are being conducted for this years' ROKAFONIK PHILHARMONIK ORCHESTRA.

For more info contact: Cliff Wallach Greenberg

Here's the online PROGRAM for the 2/27 Show!

by admin, posted 02/24/09 09:49:40   » Events

Here's the online PROGRAM for the 2/27 Show! Traditionally at events like this, you can pick up a program at the theater box office detailing the show content, members, and alot of other really interesting information about the event.

Well... Since you may be watching the concert in the "virtual" realm, we thought it best to hand out virtual programmes as well. Click to our profile page to get yours!

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