Jump The Gun
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Jump The Gun


Genre: Hardcore
Hometown: Florida-Pembroke Pines
Members: Juan, Tito, TJ, Jon
Alt site: http://www.myspace.com/jumpthegunfl
Joined: 07/02/09 20:47:25
Status: Friends of TheTalentFarm
Rated: 6 ratings, average is 4.67 out of 5.00                    
Quick Bio
We are a group of guys who make music that we love to play and hopefully that you like to hear. The music we make is intended to be a positive influence in a genre that is usually associated with dark and negative feelings. We are influenced by the world that surrounds us, our experiences, and most of all our personal faith. Our goal is to spread a positive message through our music, and encourage people to keep on having hope throughout difficult times in their lives.

thank you all for checking out our page,
we love you and hope to see you soon!

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Our Influences
Stick To Your Guns, The Devil Wears Prada, Architects, Alexisonfire, Mychildren Mybride, Maylene and The Sons of Disaster, Suicide Silence, Whitechapel

New TTF page

by jumpthegun, posted 07/02/09 20:59:36

Hey there! So I (Jon) made us a nice new talent farm page because our last one was outdated and still called Shoot The Messenger. haha! and I didn't know how to change it to Jump The Gun. Hope everyone is doing great and having a good summer. We hope to see you all at a show sometime. We have a show tomorrow at The Dugout (Can we plug other venues on this? I love you though talent farm!) It's a battle of the bands and we need your support so THROW DOWN for us like Minor Threat just got back together. Hopefully we'll get some shows booked soon at the talent farm. stay sexy. jon!

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