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Favorite Genre: Acoustic
Hometown: Vermont-Northern
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Brendon Matthew Thomas is a 23 year old musical expeditionary from southern Vermont, and the solitary operator behind Foreverinmotion: an acoustic project that may carry you away in its depth, grace, and life-altering crescendos. Similar artists and influences to embrace are Damien Rice, Bright Eyes, Sigur Ros, Bob Dylan, Jimmy Eat World, Dashboard Confessional, and Jeff Buckley.

Since his self-produced & self-titled debut album was released in 2004, Thomas has toured through over 50 major US cities, tasted the breeze of both oceans, and has reached thousands of fans worldwide, tallying up a combined quarter of a million downloads through the use of online music websites. His self-titled debut received rave reviews from publications in both the States and in the UK.

Greater things are anticipated for his new record, The Beautiful Unknown, which officially set sail June 13, 2006 on his own label, Ocean Fire Records. The album was entirely produced, engineered, and performed by Thomas. The final product is proof-positive of the experiences and growth which have taken place in him, both at home and on the road. Clocking in at just under an hour & 13 songs in length, The Beautiful Unknown is a graceful whirlwind of musical styles and emotions, seamlessly leading the listener anywhere from rock, indie, folk, ambience, and country. Equally as profound are Thomas's lyrics: laden with hope, wisdom, and life-reflection from a perspective through the eyes of a man far beyond 23 years of age.

Let it be known that Foreverinmotion has two faces. One is that of his recordings: the majestic and often layered songs with more harmonies and more instruments than you could count on all ten fingers. The other is that of his live show where his songs undress and you are treated to a natural and emotional experience carried by the power of his voice, his lyrics, and the raw dynamics of a performance that has literally been hushing audiences.

"When I record songs," Brendon explains, "the process is an art form. I don't rest until I hear the vision fully realized, and the emotional impact is right. That doesn't mean I go in and lay down a thousand parts because more is better. I just listen for what the song needs. My aim is to write honest and moving acoustic songs. It is only after I've already written a good song that I will go in and see what else I can add to it with other instruments, vocals, and sounds, sort of like how a painter creates a picture. Sometimes its the little things that you don't see, or don't hear, which make something beautiful when they come together to form a greater whole."

"When I perform live, my sole intention is to put myself into the music I'm playing and to connect that to the people watching me. It doesn't matter if I am playing solo or with a full band, so long as I can make them feel the music. The focus is on the lyrics, the dynamics, and the vibe. And of course, a little humor is good too... its important to make an audience laugh after you bring them to tears."

New Album: The Beautiful Unknown due out spring 2007 on One Eleven Records

by admin, posted 11/04/06 13:26:44

When Kevin asked me if I wanted to be on TheTalentFarm's 2006 CD Compilation, I was very excited and eager to help! I had such a great time this summer at TheTalentFarm with Joe Wilson and the other musicians who shared the stage with me that night, I couldn't refuse the offer!

So here it is... My contribution to TheTalentFarm 2006 CD Compilation! "The Rain"

I hope you like it! Available soon on OneEleven Records.

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