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Genre: Hard Rock
Hometown: Florida-Ft. Myers/Naples
Members: Sparkle Romberg- Lead Vocals John Rhea - Lead/Rhythm Guitar Armand Mastandrea- Lead/ Rhythm Guitar/ Vocals Phillip Hazlip - Bass Josh Freiberg - Drums/Percussion/ Vocals Sparkle Romberg- Keyboard/ Vocals
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Twitter: devilswr
Joined: 03/04/13 09:54:22
Status: Performing Artist
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Quick Bio
We are "Devil's Waiting Room", a band out of Naples, FL. Although South Florida is commonly called " God's Waiting Room ", we have our own opinion on who they are waiting on.
We LOVE playing out, and would be on the road if we could just get finished with school. We have been together for about three years now and we play all original songs. We have one crazy ass vocalist (Gabby) up front driven by two guitars (John & Armand). Phil is on the Bass. Then there is Josh!! We like to think that we have one of the best young drummers in the country!! And now we just picked up Sparkle on the keyboard and backing vocals.
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