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Genre: Rock
Hometown: Florida-Pembroke Pines
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Twitter: #cheaptix
Joined: 04/16/10 12:40:56
Status: TheTalentFarm
Rated: 2 ratings, average is 4.50 out of 5.00                   
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Here's how it works...

Every so often, we'll be tweeting ticket deals for our followers that retweet our messages. In order to qualify you must include both #cheaptickets and @thetalentfarm in your tweet. Most of the time you can win discounted tickets, but sometimes they'll be free. You must retweet all your followers and be sure to include the original message which will contain the two words, #cheaptickets and @thetalentfarm.

When we see your RT plus those two words, you win whatever the deal is for that show. You'll be notified and you'll need to save your tweet on your phone and show it at the door so we can match it up to the winners list.

If we do not notify you, you did not win!
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