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Todd Simpson


Favorite Genre: Rock
Hometown: Alabama-Birmingham
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Twitter: @mojochild
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Quick Bio
Todd Simpson hails from a small town in Alabama. He has played more than 400 shows in the past 3 years; from the Mississippi Delta to the world famous Whisky A-GO-GO.

Todd is living his dream in spite of struggling with several disabilities. Though he has severe dyslexia that prevents him from reading and writing, he has written over 200 songs. He also has a speech impediment but he sings without one.

The most amazing part of Todd's story is that after watching a Jimi Hendrix video when he was 18 years old, he picked up the guitar for the first time and played it as if he had been playing for years. He doesn’t know notes; when he plays he sees colors which he describes as playing the colors. He never plays a song the same way because he doesn’t see the colors exactly the same every time.

Todd's dream is to make music that touches people to help them forget about their troubles for a little while. He also champions others with obstacles to overcome to realize that God has a plan for everyone. He speaks at schools to share his message that “being different is okay!”

There is something natural and pure about his performances. He plays what he feels and the connection to his music is easy to see. Fans often become very emotional and remark that he is sincere.

His music is a mixture of blues, soul, rock, funk, jam band and any other style that speaks to his heart. Just days after picking up the guitar, Wes, Todd’s father formed a band to back him.

Todd dubbed the band, Mojo Child. Along with Wes (rhythm guitar), Corey Mitchell (bass), David Burks (drums), and Regi Yarbrough (keys and horns) Todd and the band create their music in a very unique way. Most of Todd's songs are played for the first time live on stage with no rehearsals or practice.

Todd has the ability to write his songs in his head and convey his arrangements to the band without ever having played them. Music has allowed Todd to experience so many wonderful things. He has been able to share bills with many major artists that he grew up admiring. He also appeared in the movie “Lifted.” He played himself and performed two of his original songs.

Known around the south as a guitar prodigy capable of playing every way imaginable (right handed, left handed, behind the back, Jeff Healey style, etc.) Todd often gets lost in the music. This passion is what leads many fans to refer to his performances as “The Todd Simpson Experience.” It is raw, passionate and most of all, it is real!!!

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