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Those Fine Lads


Genre: Punk
Hometown: South Florida
Twitter: thosefinelads
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Quick Bio
“Thanks, you guys, for a wonderful set of raucous and fun music last night. You guys had everybody hoppin' 'round the joint. Great fun!” said a personal note from Dave, the man in charge of Acoustic Sundays at John Martin’s Pub. No other quote encapsulates the essence of Those Fine Lads so succinctly. Those Fine Lads are a band that pulls its musical influences from a huge range of many different genres, such as folk, punk, americana, and ska; which results in a style of music that is strangely familiar, and excitingly new. But there is one thing for sure; the music they play is catchy, infectious, and has a way of worming into your brain.

Those Fine Lads may be a brand new band, but it has existed conceptually for years. Jaeger Figueroa, frontman, guitarist, and song writer, had been performing solo since 2007. He’s influenced by his extensive background performing swing, contemporary art music, and Broadway musicals. In 2010, Jaeger met his best friend and first band member, Mike Sanchez, who played clarinet and brought a purely classical background to the act. Performing together for a year helped them solidify a grasp on the style of music they would eventually come to perform. In the winter of 2011, they brought on another horn member, Anthony Magalhães, a fellow classical musician that played the trombone. In the spring of 2012, they met the next member of their group, Joshua Walton, who played bass guitar and brought in a wide range of influences, from gospel to jazz, classical to funk, and everything in between. It wasn’t until the summer of 2012 that the band was truly completed, bringing in Nick Duran, a percussionist and drummer with a wide and varied background, including latin, rock and R&B.

Even in their short time together, Those Fine Lads have accomplished a great deal. During the summer of 2012, they released their demo. They’ve headlined as the featured performers several times at John Martins Pub. They’ve been personally invited to perform at several Music Saves Lives events by the president of the organization, including an end of the year banquet and a promotional event on campus at FIU. They’re now looking forward to play more shows, and really get their name out there. You can find them on facebook at You can email them at Their demo is available online at

They just want to have a good time and to share that with you. Let's dance!
Our Influences
Mad Caddies, Larry and His Flask
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