The SKAmericans
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The SKAmericans


Genre: Ska/Punk/Afro-Beat
Hometown: Florida-Ft. Lauderdale
Members: Elliott Upp- Drums/Lead Vox. Keegan Selby- Guitar/Backup Vox. Alex Upp- Bass/Backup Vox. Robert Edmonson- Saxaphone/Backup Vox. Spaulding Basham- Band Manager/Merch
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Quick Bio
Starting out as a three piece punk band from Fort Lauderdale Florida (original members) Elliott upp, Keegan Selby, and Alex Upp wanted a change in music. They were ska influecned so they decided to add horns. Robert Edmonson was added about 2 month's after the band first began. With The saxaphone also came Andrew Cassals on trombone. And Spaulding Basham on keyboard.

The six peice band played their first show in February of 2007 and then the lineup was changed. Andrew Cassals and Spaulding Basham Were no longer SKAmerican members. The SKAmericans played acouple more shows with just the four members and decided to try adding a keyboard into the lineup again. Christina Nissen played for a short period of time.

The SKAmericans had no need for keyboards and it was after a talent farm show that they met their soon to be trombonist, Sam Gellerstein. Shortly after Sam joined the band the decision was made that The SKAmericans needed a trumpet. Brian Cavanaugh (a trumpeteer from school) became the trumpet player. And nearly a month after Brian joined, Max Boiko also joined as trumpet.

The SKAmericans today: Today The SKAmericans remain a seven peice band and hope to stay that way with
Elliott Upp: Drums/Vox

Keegan Selby: Guitar

Alex Upp: Bass

Robert Edmonson: Saxaphone

Sam Gellerstein: Trombone

Brian Cavanaugh: Trumpet

Max Boiko: Trumpet
They are also in the process of recording and realeasing their first full lenth album.
Our Influences
Mustard Plug, Reel Big Fish, Streetlight Manifesto, Toasters, and Planet Smashers

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