The Eskamoes
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The Eskamoes


Genre: Ska
Hometown: Florida-Pembroke Pines
Members: Lucas Racine - Guitar/Vocals, Kris Carter - Bass, Mario Escoto - Drums, Franz Leschhorn - Alto Sax, Jeremy Hunter - Trombone/Trumpet
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Quick Bio
The Eskamoes are 5 piece Reggae/Ska/Hardcore band form South Florida. Originally founded in mid 2010 by bass player Kris Carter and drummer Mario Escoto, later adding guitar players Lucas Racine and Brandon Berger. After a few months Berger left the band (who knew) and two new members were added: alto sax player Franz Leschhorn and trombone player Jeremy Hunter. After this addition the band finally reached it's goal of a "ska" type sound. Always ending our shows with some sort of hardcore breakdown, we always get the crowd moving if its Skanking or ball room dancing. Some of our big influences would be The Supervillains, Streetlight Manifesto, The Expendables. Some local bands we also like would be King Rooster, The Skandals and Las Bombas Del Fuego.
Our Influences
Streetlight Manifesto, The Supervillains, The Aquabats, Sublime, The Expendables, Tribal Seeds, Rebelution

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