The Escape Artist Tragedy
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The Escape Artist Tragedy


Genre: Screamo/post-hardcore/punk
Hometown: Florida-Pembroke Pines
Members: Mike- Vocals, Matt- Guitar/Vocals, Mark- Guitar/Vocals, Kyle- Bass/Vocals, David- Drums
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Quick Bio
One day two incredibly bored kids named Matt and Kyle were sitting in their aviation class playing with pens and playing Sevendust songs with them, then all of a sudden Kyle says to Matt "Matt! lets start a band!" and Matt was like "yea!", eager to escape the reality of getting real jobs the two quickly went out to find other band members, they would soon go through so many members until they finally found the perfect bunch. Mark joined as the guitarist after playing with them in a show at everglades with drummer Josh, back then Matt used to be the singer, and enjoyed jumping around and tripping over stuff. After, Matt then switched to guitar, and they found Mike to be the lead vocalist, an awesome singer and screamer. Josh later left the band to pursue a career as a kung fu chef stockbroker since it was his life long dream. Shortly after, they found Robert to be the drummer. The five of them later set out on a journey to save middle earth, but due to copyright purposes they weren't able to and it was passed on to another group of people, really short people. So they decided to just write songs, record, and tour the world, and Anarctica if possible......

Our Influences
Cartoon versions of ourselves....

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