Take The Town
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Take The Town


Genre: Pop/Rock
Hometown: Florida-Ft. Lauderdale
Alt site: http://www.myspaec.com/takethetown
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Quick Bio
Take The Town is a Pop/Rock band from Palm Beach County Florida comprised of members of some of the most successful south Florida local bands to date. Singer, Elliott Ziegelman, Max Ozturk (guitar/vocals), John Wise (guitar), Anthony Paisley (bass), and drummer Jon Lipshaw are all seasoned veterans of the local scene, all of whom have had extensive musical careers.

Take The Town incorporates methodologies of a time when pop punk was something profound and exciting with elements of the direction in which it has turned. Simply put, Take The Town is the perfect combination of old school roots with a new school attitude.

The band recently released the single, 'Murder Scene' from their upcoming EP, titled 'Making Headlines, Burning Classifieds' which is due in early September.

Look out for Take The Town this fall and into the near future. As their name suggests, they are scheduled to take over.

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