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The Beginning

details Here is the original warehouse space as viewed on March 15, 2005. This will be the perspective from the future stage. But first we'll have to do some remodeling and additions.

3600 Square Feet

details Just to give you an idea of the size of this place before construction began. What we did was lay out some visual aids to help us get a feel for the eventual size of the rooms, etc...

Walking away from the camera is Nate Yntema, lead vocalist of the former band Allabsence. Nate has been instrumental (pardon the pun) in all phases of construction of TTF studios.

Standing on what will soon be the stage area, is Matt Fernandez, guitarist for the band Unwanted Superheroes.

Me... I'm just hanging from the ceiling, taking useless pics!

Here\'s the plan...

details Every project this size needs a formal set of plans. Not only so everyone knows what\'s going on, but these plans need to be submitted to the city (Pembroke Pines), so they know what\'s going on too. You\'d be surprised at the formality of undertaking a project of this size.

Much thanks goes out to my good friend and architect extroidinaire, Lou Annino... Lou had the vision and the skills to take my chicken-scratch drawings and put them on a certified set of plans that were professionally done and officially sealed by the city.

I\'d have never known that there would be this much detail by looking at those plans. Six months later, we\'re still building. Go figure!

Thanks Lou!!!

First Things First...

details Most commercial warehouse space isn't built to accomodate recording studio facilities. Add rehearsals into the mix, and you know you're going to have to do some serious sound absorption treament.

The very first thing we did was to spray the ENTIRE interior of the building with a special cellulose sound absorber mix. Kinda like toilet paper fibers & glue, only much much thicker. It works really good, but that's just the beginning...
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