Stan Jones
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Stan Jones


Genre: Acoustic blues pop
Hometown: Florida-Pembroke Pines
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Quick Bio
Raised in Orlando, Florida Stan Jones has been studying music from a young age, with the greater part of his study being of western art influence and music composition. After studying with Dr. John Drew at The Florida State University, Stan Decided to go commercial and find himself musically in a different language. Much of his music can be compared to the sultry blues of John Mayer and the eclectic folk sounds of Dave Mathews. Every song, whether composed instrumental or vocal, carries distinct sounds. Stan Jones respects the international language of music and utilizes its global embrace (acceptance) as a means of sharing his musical creations. As Stan’s musical sounds take form, he respects the urban sounds of music and its influences on pop-culture.
Our Influences
Dave Mathews, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper

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