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Robbie Hazen


Genre: indie rock, with a folk-pop flair . . .
Hometown: Florida-Ft. Lauderdale
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Quick Bio
Robbie Hazen’s music is buoyant and self-assured. His high, unique vocals and incredibly entertaining live performance have garnered praise and accolades across the United States. His musical career started in high school, where he wrote and performed locally at festivals and venues while honing his guitar skills on weekends at his local church. He cut a demo that landed into the hands of two-time Grammy award winning engineer/producer Freddy Pinero, Jr., who produced Robbie’s debut EP entitled “Remedy.” Due to his constant performance (he has played several hundred gigs at colleges and venues across the country over the past four years) and rigorous schedule, Robbie’s musical abilities have developed, matured, and flourished throughout his college career at Notre Dame.

In the winter of 2008, Robbie went into the studio with acclaimed engineer/producer Duane Lundy and recorded songs for his second effort entitled “Come to Life.” His graduation in May of 2008 marks the beginning of a new stage in his musical and professional life. Robbie released his second album on October 25th through his own indie label and publishing company, Serval Music/Amazin' Publishing, Inc. With a recently-acquired college degree in one hand, and a new record in the other, Robbie Hazen is on the cusp of mainstream success.
Our Influences
Mostly influenced by the post-grunge pop-rock bands of the mid-to-late-nineties, i.e. Third Eye Blind, Goo Goo Dolls, Eve 6, etc.

Summertime in the City

by robbiehazen, posted 08/03/09 14:33:38

It's been a few weeks (I think) since I last posted anything. A lot has happened in that time frame -- too much, actually, to bore you with. So, I figure I'll give you all the quick rundown of what's going on . . .
It looks as though my relationship with Douglas Booking Intl has ended prematurely. I can't and won't get into the details, but they ended up not being the kind of people my team and I want to work with or surround ourselves with, so we had to part ways. With that being said, my team has been busily booking up the beginning part of August, and will be even busier getting local and state shows in September in preparation for the late fall. We hope to be on the road in October and November (and with YOUR help, we can be!).
Outside of that, I will be taking a 10-day trip to Nova Scotia in late August in order to promote my music and name in the maritimes. Earlier in the year, I met a guy who was eager to help promote me in eastern Canada. We kept in touch with him, and after much work and deliberation, decided to take the trip up there. I will be hovering around the Halifax area, and will be performing in and around the region until the beginning of September. Shows will be announced.

In other news -- South Florida is officially HOT. Luckily for me, my work keeps me at the computer during the day, but even looking outdoors makes me sweat. I now know what northerners mean when they say they can't live here because of the summers...Is it global warming? Is it lack of tall, dense trees? I'm not entirely sure. But what I am sure of is the temperature and humidity. And they are off the charts.

Until sooner,

Meet Me Here

by robbiehazen, posted 06/04/09 09:03:07

I've been busy. Very busy. I believe the last blog I wrote dealt with the Florida Music Festival and all its . . . well . . . festivities. Sitting here now, looking back on that weekend, I feel as though that experience occurred a year ago. Or at LEAST 2, maybe 3 weeks ago. Jeez.
I've been working full days with various people trying to get a few (hundred) ducks in a row in order to keep moving forward. It may just be me, it may just be this business, it may be several different things, but whatever the case -- I feel that if I don't push ahead at lightning speed, I'm losing ground. I feel like I need to continue to call and email and update to excess, because that's the only way to receive what I would consider "decent" results. Here's a visual example of what I'm talking about: what is happening now is that I'm running in soft sand. When someone runs in soft sand, they're exerting a lot of energy, but are moving at a significantly slower pace than the energy exertion should return. Someone exerting that same forward energy under normal circumstances (i.e. a hard surface like pavement) would move at a pace equal to the amount of energy they're expending. A simple example, but a near-perfect comparison nonetheless.
On the flipside of that coin: this weekend is going to be awesome. I have a duo show (drummer and I) on Friday night at 7:00pm in downtown Hollywood, and will be playing with my FULL BAND on Saturday night at the Hollywood Bandshell. We've been practicing a lot, and are excited to throw out some never-before-heard originals as well as some cover tunes I've never played with a band before. The fun starts at 7:30pm on Saturday night -- come on out!!

See you there!!!

To check out ALL my upcoming shows, which include performances all over the state, head over to WWW.MYSPACE.COM/ROBBIEHAZEN or WWW.PUREVOLUME.COM/ROBBIEHAZEN. Fun times will be had . . .

Until Soon,

In Full Swing

by robbiehazen, posted 05/16/09 09:56:08

I performed Thursday night at Cafe Annie's. Great times. I packed my equipment shortly after my set, and subsequently became the best of bar-hoppers/music connoisseurs. A few notable performances on Thursday: Mirror Pal, Shawn Fisher & the Jukebox Gypsies. Two great shows, and two great new band discoveries for me.
Friday was amazing. I was able to check out several incredible acts, including (but not limited to) Plain Jane Automobile, Big 10-4, and the musicians that solidified my resolve and rekindled my love of music making and performance --> Thomas Wynn and The Believers. If you ever get the chance to see this band: DO SO.
I sit here this morning, with the disgusting background sound of an MTV show ringing in my brain, getting ready for the panel/networking session occuring today at the Gibson Showroom in downtown. Another great day.


Florida Music Festival!

by robbiehazen, posted 05/13/09 10:45:47

I'm in Orlando and am currently keeping up with the online sites, updating/writing, and am also preparing for the rest of the week. The Florida Music Festival occurs this weekend; it's a magazine-sponsored festival fillied with the best of local and statewide music talent. I'm looking forward to checking out some great bands and artists, as well as performing on Thursday night at Cafe Annie in downtown.
I'll give thoughts, observations, and updates as the week/weekend progresses.

If you're in the Orlando/Central Florida area:
My performance at Cafe Annie starts at 8:30pm. The address is below. See you there.

All the best,

Cafe Annie
131 N Orange Ave # 102
Orlando, FL 32801
(407) 420-4041

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