One Day Forward
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One Day Forward


Genre: Progressive
Hometown: Florida-Pembroke Pines
Members: Colton Stiff, Blake Eckhardt, Jeff Smith, Dan Hernandez, Anthony Talavera
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Joined: 01/15/09 15:24:07
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Formed in november of 2008, One Day Forward has jumped right into the fix playing big shows with big bands. if you like sick riffs, heavy breakdowns, and cut-throat vocals, One Day Forward is for you.

One Day Forward

by coltonstiff, posted 01/16/09 16:37:35

hey there everybody!!!
Colton here from One Day Forward, just spreading the word. We are a new and upcoming band from sunrise and we're looking to get our name out there. so please check out our songs or our myspace:
we have several shows coming up with great bands like Kryptic Throne, Cell Pan, The Great Divine, and Agony's Arrow.

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