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Genre: Acid
Hometown: Florida-Ft. Lauderdale
Joined: 05/19/08 19:41:50
Status: Friends of TheTalentFarm
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This band originally started with pat drumgould on lead guitar, adam robles on bass, clay wilbanks on rhythem and vocals, david brown on drums, and jackson messick on synth...personal problems came into play with clay and he had to leave south fl leaving most of his equipment and the band behind, and he wasnt able to be contacted for a long time. Everyone thought the band was over because then david moved to orlando...after a while the band came across ivan who would become the new singer, then jordan meyers the new drummer, and kevin fernandez on rhythem guitar. The band was set for a good couple of months and wrote alot of new material. after problems occured between kevin, ivan and pat, it was back to pat, adam, and jordan...Along came the most amazing musician and friend anyone could ask for kevin Stewart where as now pat has taken the roll of vocals/rhythem guitar...this is our lineup right now and it is going to remain this way for a while, we are good friends.

we have a uniqe style and tone, and we love to have fun at shows

what we do is what we love and we do it for you


by Northport, posted 05/19/08 21:02:22

Here is a video of us ar club revolution

Teenage contradictions


by Northport, posted 05/19/08 20:44:30

We hava a show on may 30th at backbone music in delray beach with exit 75
and on june 28th DELICIAS COLUMBIANA'S first time battle of the bands located i lake worth with many other bands

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