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Never Have I Ever


Genre: Happy Hardcore
Hometown: Florida-Ft. Lauderdale
Members: Zac, Alejo, Gian, Myles
Alt site:
Joined: 09/01/09 02:19:43
Status: Friends of TheTalentFarm
Rated: 13 ratings, average is 4.64 out of 5.00                    
Quick Bio
Never Have I Ever is a band founded by Alejo (drums) and Myles (guitar.) Taking hints from inspirations such as Suicide Silence and The Devil Wears Prada they began by playing heavy music. After a little soul searching, along with the search for dedicated members, the band created a sound all of their own. As a whole, NHIE makes music that represents what we all go through in our lives and the ability to get past it. But individually the members of this family have brought their own sounds and style into a melting pot of catchy melodies and face melting breakdowns. Jackie (vocals) added an angelic sound that would bring butterflies to anyone close enough to listen, still they all agreed that something was missing. Suddenly, after tiresome tryouts and creative differences, Gian (synth) and Zac (screams) were able to fill the holes that were found in their sound. Recently, the band finished up their first demo. Stay tuned and get ready for new songs, show dates, merch, and maybe even a tour.... ;]
Our Influences
TDWP, Suicide Silence, I See Stars, Call It Karma


by NHIEsfl, posted 10/20/09 02:50:37

Hey you guys!
I know its been a while since we had any sort of update and with the myspace recently being completely wiped clean I'm sure that confused a lot of you.
Well here we are letting the fans out there know that we're hard at work.

First we wanted to say thank you to everyone that came out for our first show on Oct. 10th at The Talent Farm. It was a hell of a show. We were all happy with how it turned out but at the same time it helped us realize we have a lot we need to improve on.
We are currently available for booking for the coming months! We're excited to get out there and play new shows. To learn, love and most importantly jam.

Our next show is Nov. 21st at The Talent Farm. We set something up with our good friends Burn Your Bridges and decided to book a kick ass show.
The current line up is;
Burn Your Bridges
Never Have I Ever
A Purpose Driven Life
Neurotic November

We're extremely excited for this show because it is at this show where we will unveil two new songs! Not to mention the bands we're sharing the stage with are pretty incredible.
More info will be posted up soon.

Another big thing we wanted to announce was our new layout will be up sometime this week! We have been working on this with our good friend for quite a while and we finally think that it looks amazing. Be on the look out for that very soon.

Once we get through with the Nov. 21st show we will go into the studio to record our first EP!
YES, that means new songs up on the myspace sooner than you think!!!
We are currently in talks with a producer about filming a music video as well!

And finally we wanted to announce that our first t-shirt will most likely be available for the Nov. 21st show!!!!!
The shirt will most likely be priced at $12.

So stay tuned for a lot of new things coming soon! We're going to be very busy as a band from now on 'till mid November.

Thank you for all your love and support.
We're nothing without each and every one of you.
- Gian and NHIE


by NHIEsfl, posted 09/04/09 07:16:47

Hey you guys.
Unfortunately Jackie is no longer part of Never Have I Ever. After a while of creative differences we finally decided the best thing we could do is part ways. We still love her to death and we continue to be friends and hang out. We wish her luck with her future and whatever path she decides to take. As of right now we're unsure if we will be looking for a second vocalist but until that is decided Zac will be covering both screams and vocals.

Never Have I Ever is still on the search for a Bassist but it seems like our search is getting closer and closer as we find more and more offers everyday. Once we find our bassist we will take a new photoshoot, which will hopefully be done by next week. With a new bassist and new promos comes a new layout. And with a new layout, who knows, maybe comes a new song ;]

Thank you so much for your support and your love and thank you to everyone who gave us comments on our new song, your opinion means the world to us.
We'll continue to keep you updated.

Much love,
Gian and NHIE

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