Needless To Say
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Needless To Say


Genre: Rock-Alternative
Hometown: Florida-Ft. Lauderdale
Members: Julz-Vocals, Johnny-Guitar, Bobby-Guitar, Kyle-Bass, Trey-Drums
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Joined: 01/15/09 18:48:43
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“Needless To Say”

Years of classical training, formal lessons, self-teaching, and maybe most importantly, listening to an assortment of musical genres, from classical to metal, instilled a passion for all things “music” in the members of “Needless To Say.”

Discovering our individual talents came earlier for some of us, but as each one focused on his or her own personal instrument, we were unknowingly moving closer to meeting and becoming the band we are today.

Johnny and Kyle had been casual friends for years, and upon discovering they shared a passion for the same music, put together the first band they’d ever been in at 17 years old, with Kyle on drums and Johnny on guitar. Always searching for the right “fit” and striving to improve, Johnny met Bobby – “the best guitar player he’d ever heard” - while both were taking the same guitar class in high school, and the two just clicked. With Bobby came Tremale, a talented musician who’d been drumming since age 2. Kyle, the most well-rounded musician in the band, agreeably moved to bass guitar and keyboards. In need of the final missing link, the band didn’t have to look far to find Julz, the impressive lead singer, who lived……..right next door to Tremale! Through this series of events – and dare we say – fate, Needless To Say (so named by Tremale after hearing the phrase in a movie)- was born.

Our musical taste spans the spectrum, and it shows in our songs. Our sound is a combination of different branches of music pulled together to create the unique sound we call “eclectic metal.” Playing together seriously for a little over a year, we’re working hard toward our ultimate goal. We write, practice and record whenever possible, in Johnny’s garage and “studio.” (Thanks, Pops!)

For the five members of Needless To Say, music isn’t just a hobby; it isn’t a scene. Music is our passion. We want to make it our life, our career. We want to make it there, stay there, live there……and after a very, very long time, die there. Needless To Say, music is the only future we see.
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