My Complex Island
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My Complex Island


Genre: Indie Punk
Hometown: Florida-Ft. Lauderdale
Members: Chris,Kyle, Aleks, David, & Danny
Alt site:
Twitter: MyComplexIsland
Joined: 07/29/07 14:40:45
Status: Friends of TheTalentFarm
Rated: 8 ratings, average is 4.62 out of 5.00                    
Quick Bio
We are a hi-energy version of the plane chase in North By Northwest.
Our Influences
Foo Fighters, Incubus, & glassJAw
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CD Release Show

by admin, posted 03/10/09 15:03:31   » Events

CD Release Show Don't miss MY COMPLEX ISLAND at their cd release party on Saturday March 21st at 6:30pm w/ special friends MY AMENDS - RAISING THE STAKES - ROBOTS & BUTTERFLIES - FALLEN FROM THE SKY

MCI's most recent project, "All The White Keys" is a must have for your CD collection, and you can easily get yours at the show!

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