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Genre: pop/rock
Hometown: Florida-Ft. Lauderdale
Members: Anthony, Jack, Phil, Jeff, Rob
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Joined: 11/30/06 19:44:10
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Quick Bio
Fort Lauderdale, FL. Otherwise known for sandy beaches, crocodile infested waterways, and over-priced real estate, its also home to a thriving independent music scene recently shaken up by five diverse, yet musically intertwined individuals collectively known as the pop/rock band Madelyn.
Finding each other in 2004 through the demise of previous bands, the members of Madelyn bring together backgrounds of pop, rock, electronica, and metal to form a unique sound and explosively entertaining stage presence destined to keep people craving for more.

Madelyns latest demo, recorded in the spring of 2005, is an accurate reflection of their assorted musical influences. From rock to techno to pop, the four song demo demonstrates a plethora of styles tied together with catchy lyrics and melodic vocals.

Throughout the past 12 months, Madelyn has written and recorded a full length album as well as their new four-song demo, landed opening slots for several national acts, logged thousands of miles playing shows throughout the U.S., and earned the following of a loyal and irreplaceable fan base. Gaining experience through each live performance, Madelyns future has become certain; to continue writing and performing the music they love while building upon the growing, dedicated fan base they appreciate so much.

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madelyn finally on the TTF site

by madelynrocks, posted 12/07/06 15:49:37

hey kids...we are finally on TTF site...we are putting a new song on the comp and we will be posting lots of new stuff soon!!!! keep on the look out.



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