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Genre: Hard Rock
Hometown: South Florida
Members: Mark Crespo, Chris Mazuera, Aaron Ben Tov, Matias Sanes
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Twitter: LegallyTaken
Joined: 04/25/14 10:08:10
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Quick Bio
Legally Taken is a hard rock band from Miami known for their energetic presence on the stage and their heavy, diverse, and melodic music. They formed in 2010 and had constant lineup changes but always held together by the two guitarists Chris and Aaron. They have found a lineup that is going to stick with Mark Crespo on the drums and vocals, and Matias Sanes on the bass.

Their self-titled EP is out on iTunes NOW!
Our Influences
Alter Bridge, Rush, Avenged Sevenfold
Bands We Share The Stage With
Beaten Broken Beautiful
Scary Iowa
Wilkes Oswald
Beyond the Boundary
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