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Genre: Rock N' Roll.
Hometown: Florida-Pembroke Pines
Members: KyleKronez
Alt site: http://
Twitter: kylekronez
Joined: 01/08/10 14:55:04
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Quick Bio
Spent my pamper days until about 9 and a half in jersey. Family wanted to try and have a better life so they moved here in search of one only to find that they can't grind like me. I have crones disease (the real story of my life) and it's made life a little rougher had my large intestine and colin taken out when I was seven pretty crazy stuff. When it comes to music I've been listening to pretty much a heavier side of things. I came out of the womb listening to guns and roses and remember trying to sing at an early age. I grew up and kept at it, eventually learning how to do very different types of vocal variations throughout my years. I've been in several bands for which I have respect for all of them but none of them have even been surmountable to Kronez.
Our Influences
Too many to name to be honest.

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