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Genre: 0-Unsure
Hometown: Florida-Pembroke Pines
Members: Kyle Kronez, Steve Fiction, J Rush, Luan, Danny Wyler
Alt site:
Twitter: thisiskronez
Joined: 01/06/10 17:21:40
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Quick Bio
Rock's Royalty may want to make room for Kronez, who's
eclectic intermix of rock and hip-hop edge has created a new
hard hitting sound capturing the music industry and music fans
Kronez has vastly developed a solid chemistry among band
mates that gleams in their performances. But this was not
always the case for the South Florida based group who were
seeking a unique front man and fresh sound. Lead guitarist
Steve Fiction put the band together in 2008 along with Luan
Pernia-keys, Jon Rush-drums, and Danny Wyler-bass. The
group was originally called Countercult, hoping to seduce
audiences with a number of screams and growls as the lead
vocals. After several line changes Steve struggled to find the
right combination that would set the band apart from past
rock/hip-hop based groups like Limp Bizkit and Korn without
losing their rock roots. It was not long before the lead vocalist Kyle Carlin entered into the picture and
immediately impressed the guitarist with his energetic performance, rock-star looks, and natural
singing capabilities. Kyle became the last piece of the puzzle, but also the first step into a new vision,
which ultimately changed the dynamics of the group, evolving into a more upbeat pop/rock sound
infused with hip-hop.
As the band progressed so did Kyle, and it was not long before his own personal struggle with crohn's
disease was brought to light and became the driving force behind his passion for music. The band made
the decision to change the name from Countercult in 2009 to Kronez as tribute to Kyle overcoming his
disease and living life to the fullest through music. When asked about the effects crohn's disease has
had on his life, Kyle says, “My life has been one hell of a ride. Could I as a person consider it a bad
one, no. I have learned how to persevere and became better through my faults."
With a clear vision ahead Kronez established what would seem like an unlikely connection to some, but
for Kronez teaming up with Multi-Platinum producer Chad Beatz was exactly dead on. Chad Beatz,
who's long list of credits include (Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent, Ashanti, Robin Thicke, Cassie, Nelly, Travis
Gym Class Heroes, and others) is not only a producer but also a musician. Chad's vision of pushing
music's envelope future forward is seen as well as heard in Kronez wild single “Lady Livin” poking
fun at reality contestants who compete to win love with a Rockstar. Lady Livin is just the beginning to
the new sound that Kronez is bringing to the forefront of music. Songs such as “Forever” continue
with Kronez upbeat antics, hip-hop base lines, turntables, and instrumentation is almost like a mash-up
of the “Gorillaz”.
With Kyle leading the way, Kronez is heavy in the studio working on their forthcoming album. Fans
can rest assure the new bad boys of rock are hear for the long haul. The question in hand, will rock-n-
rolls finest be ready to clear a path for the thousands of screaming fans chanting Kronez…please “Do It
Forever”. Stay tuned!

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