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King Rooster


Genre: Ska/Punk
Hometown: Florida-Ft. Lauderdale
Members: Justin Torner, Raian Khan, Johhny Miller, Pedro Sanchez, Alec S.
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Joined: 03/23/09 18:02:14
Status: Friends of TheTalentFarm
Rated: 9 ratings, average is 4.12 out of 5.00                  
Quick Bio
King Rooster is a ska band from Fort Lauderdale. We like burritos, jazz, and video games.

Guitar/Vocals: Raian Khan
Bass Guitar: Justin Torner
Trombone: Johnny Miller
Alto Sax: Alec Schulman
Drums: Pedro Sanchez

***Check Us Out On MySpace:

954-290-6905 (Justin)
Our Influences
Bad Brains, Choking Victim, Circle Jerks, Flaming Tsunamis, Fatter Than Albert, Mustard Plug, Op Ivy

Battle of The Bands

by KingRooster, posted 10/11/09 21:28:54   » Events

first we want to say thanks to kevin and the whole talent farm crew for putting this thing together. also the rest of the bands that played: lady musgrave, regions, r&b, gates of sanity, this is a heist, never have i ever, world ends with you, incitrinite, and burn your bridges. thought all of em were fuckin siiickkkk. thanks to everyone who came out to the show and supported south florida's kickass local scene. and last but not least, thanks to all of our fans who came out to show their love. couldn't have done it without you all.




Album Release!!!

by KingRooster, posted 08/06/09 16:02:46

King Rooster's first official EP, "It's Oregano, I Swear!" is expected to be released in about a week. The recording is finished, and the album just has to go through the mixing process. The five song EP will be on sale for only $3.99 so pick it up while they last!

Add Us On MySpace

by KingRooster, posted 07/31/09 20:01:22

Last Night's Show Was Sickkk

by KingRooster, posted 07/29/09 15:30:10

Thanks everyone who came out and supported us as well as Talent Farm and the rest of the bands!

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