Kill The Messengers
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Kill The Messengers


Genre: Metal-Hardcore
Hometown: Florida-Ft. Lauderdale
Members: Brandon Parker-Lead Vocals Zack Webbs-Lead/Rhythm Guitars Ryan Vernon-Rhythm/Lead Guitars /Backing Vocals Guillen-Percussion Currently seeking Bassist!!
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Twitter: killthemsngrs
Joined: 10/22/10 00:20:41
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Quick Bio
KTM "We Don't Suck". This has been the pillar of our motivation. Coming up from many different backgrounds this super group was formed by Guillen, the drummer. Pieced together strategically to form the machine driving our success. The talent in this band is proven at every show, the attendance is growing, the merch is multiplying, and the music just keeps on getting better.
Accomplishing in 5 months what most local bands have done in 5 years, KTM is quickly turning into the next hot metal band to sweep South Florida. Making major noise, helping out fellow bands, and throwing more shows geared to entertaining the audience with an onslaught of good music rather than just playing with whomever wants in. It's not just about playing for us, it's about giving the audience a show worth coming to.
Were in the process of recording our 8 song LP and coming out with a whole new line of merch, distributing awesome sauce everywhere we go and decimating every show we play, it's no wonder were growing in popularity.
Kill The Messengers is coming to a city near you, so you better be ready to receive next big thing since animal wristbands and the death of auto tune…wait, what? They don't know about the auto tune thing yet, whatever…they'd find out eventually :)
Our Influences
From Meshuggah to Miss May I and all in between

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