Holiday Parade
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Holiday Parade


Genre: Pop Rock
Hometown: Georgia-Atlanta
Members: Andy, Rohan, Michael, Mickey, Flowe
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Joined: 06/12/07 12:00:52
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Rated: 3 ratings, average is 4.33 out of 5.00                   
Quick Bio
"Catchy melodies meld with tight hooks to produce one of the best power-pop acts in a long time. Definitely a band on the rise." - Eron, Hawthorne Heights
-- "'This Is My Year' is exactly what I hope for in a pop-punk album. The songs are catchy and light, the vocals are straightforward, and there's a near constant easygoing tone behind everything. Put simply, this EP is fun."- Cassie Gressell,

-- "As "Crimson Red" flows into vocalist Andy Albert's enchanting falsetto declaration "I think I've found something amazing" - I couldn't have agreed more. - Stephen Callahan, Sleeping With Headphones

-- "Holiday Parade blew all previous preconceived conceptions with this CD. It made all other albums go on hold for a few weeks because it is so damn catchy, if you don't want to sing for weeks on end, then beware."- Ben S.,

-- "Holiday Parade will soon be a household name. Some of the catchiest and most meaningful lyrics I've heard in years" - Kirby,
Our Influences
cartel, goo goo dolls, third eye blind

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