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Genre: Pop
Hometown: South Florida
Members: Dayson - Law - Veer - Chris - Danny - Joey
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Twitter: daysonofficial
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Quick Bio
For the Love of It

Much like the melting pot of humanity, pop culture and style found in his hometown of Miami, Florida pop singer/songwriter/producer Dayson, is both a creature of his upbringing and his environment.

His soulful pop blend of Dance, Indie and Urban fuse perfectly with his witty and smart lyrics, club-friendly beats and radio-ready vocal style that not only captures the Miami scene but translates to music lovers the world over.

Dayson is a child of the '80s and started his musical life's path by expertly imitating every beat and vocal line he heard on the radio. Recently signed to Oscar Llord’s (former Chairman of Sony Latin & Crossover Music Operations) management under Creative Icons, Dayson laughingly describes his first childhood musical talent as a "habitual desk beat artist" using his knuckles and his improvisation. Dayson – whose real name is Domingo, which means "Sunday" in Spanish - spent his early years ad-libbing to radio hits and creating his own beats and vocals. Money was tight back then, so formal music learning wasn't an option. Dayson learned it all the old school way, playing by ear and teaching himself as much as he could.

Like a million other good and respectable kids, Dayson went to school and followed the plan that was laid out for him from an early age – he was accepted into the Law Magnet program at Coral Reef Senior High School, but found himself spending his time hanging out with the creative types in the music department. Similarly whilst attending Florida International University as a Marketing major, he again gravitated towards a more musical crowd within the university.

"I spent a lot of energy doing what I thought my parents found acceptable," he says, "Then one day I decided to just go for it - I moved in with some college roommates, one of which I started my first group with. From there it pretty much set my path in motion. By the time I was 22, music was a necessity for me to function and I was pursuing it diligently. It was a gateway to my happy place… The high note on my low-key days."

Dayson's musical interests then centered on his first musical group FLI (For the Love of It). Together they recorded and played clubs and colleges on the Miami music circuit, until 2008 when Dayson reached out to realize his musical destiny by focusing more on a retro-flavored soul and pop direction. Dayson connected musically with a younger cousin of his known as Fresh Kid Cue, and as a team they forged relationships with several key people within the music industry. His cousin suggested his artist name by playing on words with the name "Sunday", and Dayson the musical artist was born.

"I like to bend words and use unique vocal arrangements - Sound and words are like a playground for me," Dayson says.

Dayson is currently working on his debut album and has put together a talented band of musicians for his live show concept, which he calls "funky, playful, real, edgy with a vintage style, eclectic, diverse and still growing.”

Escape with some of Dayson's music by picking up some of his soon to be released work, or catch him live at a club near you.

And in Dayson's music, just as in his life, music has become his escape - his freedom. “I really love what I do, and if I reach people with my music on any positive level that would be more than anything I could ask for in terms of success.”

"Music has the ability to transcend human emotion. It's the ultimate remedy."
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