Daybreak Embrace
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Daybreak Embrace


Genre: Rock
Hometown: Florida-Pembroke Pines
Members: James Wamsley, Keneth Figueroa, Giann Adyan, and Danny Arrieta
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Twitter: daybreakembrace
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Quick Bio
How do you start a revolution? Some might say there is no recipe for this, but if you were to ask the members of Daybreak Embrace you would find one common answer; patience! Drummer, Giann Adyan, and Guitarist, Keneth Figueroa started playing music together, in the Miami scene, more than ten years ago. Vocalist, James Wamsley, has also been rocking the stage in his Cleveland based scene since before he could drive. And Bassist Danny Arrieta, well, let's just say, music is his life! With this experience at hand, Giann and Keny set out to form their latest work of art; Vision 7. This not being the name of the band, just the number of attempts so far! After almost a year of seeking and auditioning vocalists, James came out of a three year hiatus to find his next project. Let the revolution begin! The three quickly went to work with one common goal : give them something they will never see coming! Within six months the trio brought in Danny on bass and took the next step in making this music a reality. How you ask? Bring in the big guns! In November '09 they signed a recording deal with Florida's top Producer, Paul Trust (Atom Smash, Music Is A Weapon), recording their first EP. As of now, they are getting ready to release the first single, Thirty Six, in late August. What does that mean for friends, family, supporters, and fans? Live shows!! So if you didn't see why patience was the key ingredient to starting a movement, I guess you haven't heard of Daybreak Embrace yet.

What they sound like: One of the best factors in the sound here is that each member has an extensive musical history from all times and genres. So when you hear the alternative rock sound of the early 90's to the gritty progressiveness of the 21st century, you stop to recognize a fresh approach to everything you love without everything you've already heard! If there was a goal to this music, it would be to bridge the gap between what we want and what we can't seem to get. If I had to sum it up, it hits you like a city bus!

What you'll get live: Have you ever watched a band for the first time and said " I could see them again and again" ? This is how I feel every time I see Daybreak Embrace! Aside from the fact they're "easy on the peepers", their music packs so much energy! Epic sounds on top of some of the best drumming you'll find anywhere. Not to mention the chilling vocals and the all out energy from the players, there's no doubt you'll walk away happy. The question is, will you walk away empty handed? Pick up merch and a copy of "Tomorrow Awaits" at any show and be a part of this revolution!
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