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Genre: Rock
Hometown: Florida-Pembroke Pines
Members: TTF Favorites
Twitter: CDcompVol2
Joined: 09/04/07 17:04:40
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Quick Bio
A compilation of some of our favorite South Florida locals from 2008 printed on a multimedia CD.

Perfect cruising music from different genres of the TTF's most popular bands, some still with us, and some are gone.

Multimedia CD is full of cool surprises, just pop it in to your PC for video clips of some really great shows!

This CD is also distributed freely at all of our TTF concert events. So pick one up at our next show.
Our Influences
Rock, Pop, Hardcore, Acoustic influences, various artists & styles.


by admin, posted 03/10/10 10:27:51

CD Comp Vol 2 - FREE DOWNLOADS! It's been 2 years since production began on our second CD compilation, and as plans begin to unfold for a 3rd CD comp, we feel it's time to let go of the songs and make them freely downloadable.

You can DL all of the songs for free by clicking the associated buttons, or you can donate to the cause and purchase them for $1 each. It doesn't matter really... We just want to get the music out to the masses, so we've decided to give the songs away from now on, as we decide our plans for the TTF CD Comp Vol 3.


Please leave a rating for the songs you take. Even better, leave a comment!

Thanks to all the bands, here & gone, for making this one of my most treasured experiences of a lifetime.

-Kevin Burns

Album Artwork

by admin, posted 03/26/08 20:34:59

Special thanks to Renato Lopez, (Great Divine) His design work for the comp is truly amazing!

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