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Favorite Genre: Metal
Hometown: Florida-Tampa
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Quick Bio
In 2008 CATALYSIS (pronounced kuh-tal-uh-sis) formed out of the ashes of the best parts of some outstanding Florida bands.

It all started when Shawn Brandon went looking for elite musicians to build a band with, so he posted some ads on several local music classified site looking for other musician interested in heavy/melodic music that would set them apart from other bands in their local scene.

Within a day or two Jared Sasso answered the ad and after a lenghty phone discussion and jam session the two guitarist hit it off and they knew they had instant chemistry.

They're mixture of heavy riff phrasing, acoustic melodies & precise harmony structures set them apart from the norm.

Next challenge would be finding a vocalist that could complement they're chemistry and musical outlook.

Following up on a tip from a friend Brandon and Sasso contacted vocalist Mike Vredeveld about the vocalist position.

Seeking a heavy yet melodic singer the two guitarist knew it would be a challenge but after hearing Vredeveld's mixture of heavy screams/growl phrasings with his ability to belt out crystal clear melodic vocals they knew hands down he was the man for the job.

After countless Drummer auditions long time friend Ron Parmer accepted the invitation by the band & from the first jam they knew he was the person for the job. Ron's playing takes the band to a whole new level all together & his drumming skills & dedication are very much unmatched.

The last piece of the puzzle fell into place when Ben Ross a veteran of the scene came in to fill the Bass slot & thus solidify the low end and complete CATALYSIS.
Our Influences
Slater, Machine Head, Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God

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