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Mikes In Love


Genre: Acoustic
Hometown: Florida-Pembroke Pines
Members: Brian
Joined: 09/18/06 20:37:38
Status: Friends of TheTalentFarm
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I find myself alone in this.


by thelonereceiver, posted 10/22/08 15:05:32   » Events

FRIDAY NIGHT ACOUSTIC SHOW! heeeey you guys, I have a show coming up. it'll be my last show as brian williamson.
It's this friday, october 24th. 6 pm with some really great bands, and other solo artists.
Also, check out the new band I'm in. The Homecoming!
I'm the new bassist for THC
we have a show as well, november 14th. check out the flier
it was made by my brother Joshua. if you guys need any t-shirts designs, flier designs or help designing a website
contact him at www.myspace.com/jpegjosh he has a degree in that kinda shit so check it out! also, the homecoming is in the process of recording our full length at the talent farm studios. so be on the look out for updates, and everything from that

take it easy

In The Long Run

by thelonereceiver, posted 10/27/06 12:37:21

we lost a great friend, and musician.
Jacob Rogers will be missed, but in the mean time, check out the "thing" he's got going.
The Homecoming.
hitting a city near you November 17th.
but we now, have a new member in the band. Mike "Bam" Shaffer, will be filling in.


by thelonereceiver, posted 10/12/06 15:47:37

Mike's In Love had some issues with our bassist Jake Rogers, we had to let him go, but we do wish him the best of luck with his new project.

we allsooo have a cd release show coming up! next saturday, the 21st. with some great bands such as the Bank Robbers, and the drive home!

we also have a video up of the acoustic session we had at the talent farm. its of one of the newer songs we wrote.
we hope you like it!

New CD Coming Soon!

by thelonereceiver, posted 09/19/06 09:17:43

We've been in the studio recording our new EP, Orion's Belt. It's a compilation of six original songs that are gonna knock your socks off! Hope you like them as much as we do! Click the audio link up top and listen for yourself, and then go right on ahead and buy your very own copy!



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