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Genre: Alternative/Punk Rock
Hometown: Florida-Ft. Lauderdale
Members: Abe- Guitar and Vocals, Felipe - Bass, Spencer - Guitar, Jason - Drums
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Joined: 06/02/08 17:14:27
Status: Friends of TheTalentFarm
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Quick Bio
We three (Abe, Jason, Felipe) all had classes together in 8th grade and we were given a math project to relate math to a subject. We chose to relate math to music, and we realized that we were pretty good when we played together. We made one song, then another, then we decided to become Bliss. After a few months we realized that one guitarist just wouldnt cut it, so Jason knew of some kid who could play and we tried him out (Spencer. He turned out to be jsut what we needed and now we are a full band, with a few of our own original songs and some covers. Hope you guys enjoy us. If any of you guys would like to book a show somewhere with us, just let us know, we would be happy to play with anyone.
Our Influences
Every rock band has influenced us somehow,

The Talent Farm

by bliss, posted 07/20/08 10:01:15

Hey guys, we just played at The Talent Farm last night and it was amazing. We played with Planet Abyss, Plastiq Passion, and Blue Tattoo. It was so much fun, and we hope to have another Talent Farm show soon.

Talent Farm Gig

by bliss, posted 07/02/08 19:07:48

Talent Farm Gig Hey guys we have a gig at The Talent Farm. We are playing there with four other awesome bands: Rendezvous with the Kidnappers, Plastiq Passion, Planet Abyss, and Blue Tattoo. The reason you haven’t heard of them is because two of them are local bands, like us, and one of them was just signed and is from Virginia I think.

We are going to introduce our new song that we have been working on at this gig. It is amazing. To get in its ten bucks, but buy the tickets through us. Just give us ten dollars and we’ll hand you a ticket. Or, go to our EVENTS page (see menu above) and order yours online. Just bring your paypal receipt and show it at the door.

Please set you calendars at July 19th and show up, you will honestly have the time of your life. The address and phone number is

20911 Johnson Street
Hollywood, FL 33029
(954) 438-3488

Conert on the 3rd

by bliss, posted 07/01/08 19:55:40

Hey guys we are playing at The Coffee Scene on Thursday the 3rd, its an open mic nite. The thing starts at 7 30, and its going to be a lot of fun. The adress for mapqueting is
15955 Pines Blvd
Pembroke Pines, FL 33027
(954) 441-2364

Hope to see you there!!

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