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Genre: Metal
Hometown: Florida-Ft. Lauderdale
Members: Sarah Teets(Vocals) Rob Tripp (Guitars) Renzo Iparraguirre (Guitars) Carlos Vila (Bass Guitars) Erick Castrillon (Drums & Percussion)
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Rated: 6 ratings, average is 3.83 out of 5.00                 
Quick Bio
About officialalexandria
Since their debut in early 2006, Coral Springs' newest metal sensation, ALEXANDRIA, has received a horde of local acclaim, revealing a growing demand for their presence in the South Florida area, and giving rise to an explosion of global recognition on their behalf. The fresh and otherwise unfazed female-fronted quintet is a distinct mix of widespread musical influence and radical ideology, altogether widely praised for their select fusion of captivating melodies, heavy, head-on harmonic assaults, and evoking operatic vocals.

What's more, a female holding the reins has the band transgressing all conventional notions of metal, heightening their music with a moving, deeply poignant sound and bringing increased sensuality to the songs, matched by no substitute. The result is a uniquely powerful, unforgettable blend of rich, original, heavy head-banging metal.

ALEXANDRIA originally stemmed from the collaboration of drummer Erick Castrillon and vocalist Allie Zangari, both of whom harbored the bands earliest inspiration for creating new and imaginative music rooted with a deeper appreciation for expressive, lyrical content. After months of intensive searching, the band's final lineup was concluded, featuring Allie Zangari on vocals, Rob Tripp and Renzo Iparraguirre on guitars, Carlos Vila on bass and Erick Castrillon playing drums.

Three months after their debut to the public, ALEXANDRIA has already managed the self-release of a four-song demo, Frailty that has earned them widespread recognition from renowned media figures like Epic Rock Radio Station and Real Band TV. Further acclamation of their work has allowed them to be featured on popular metal sites like, and Meanwhile, ALEXANDRIA is scheduled to appear in the nation-wide publication, Outburn Magazine over the summer, and is presently working with Real Band TV in light of future shows. Keep up with their progress by visiting and requesting a free demo.
Our Influences
Symphony X, Epica, Dream Theater, Opeth, Mago de Oz...

Recent Demo Requests

by admin, posted 10/27/06 10:45:16

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

For all fans who have made a request for an ALEXANDRIA demo within the past two weeks, you have probably noticed that we are a bit behind schedule. Well, what is going on? Allie normally heads this department, so to speak, and has unfortunately gone out of town for a few days. She has responded to as many of you as can online, notifying you of the circumstances, but has not been able to reach everyone. She will return this Friday, the 25th, when you should expect your package to be sent out. Thanks everyone for your support! It's awesome that I have to post simply to reach you all. We'll see you this Saturday at the Talent Farm! interview

by admin, posted 10/27/06 10:43:45   » band

Alexandria has been intimately Interviewed by

Go to to read all about the insides, and the reasons behind Alexandria's existence!

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