A Four Star Failure
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A Four Star Failure


Genre: Acoustic/Emo/Alternative/Punk
Hometown: Florida-Ft. Lauderdale
Members: Jordan Will, Javier Montoya, Ricky (Danger) Brown
Alt site: http://myspace.com/afourstarfailure
Joined: 10/21/07 23:39:37
Status: Friends of TheTalentFarm
Rated: 7 ratings, average is 3.85 out of 5.00                 
Quick Bio
Jordan will: vox, bass, lyrics
Javie: back up vox, lead, lyrics
Ricky (Danger) Brown: Drums
Our Influences
Dashboard Confessional, Barenaked Ladies, 80's metal, and punk rock

i'm trying

by AFourstarFailure, posted 06/09/09 01:19:09

i'm going to try to hit this once a week and try to stay in contact with people passing through this site; this is just a reminder to myself.


Battle of The Bands

by AFourstarFailure, posted 10/20/08 14:04:14   » Events

Well, we played our asses off for battle of the bands on Sunday, unfortunately we came in 3rd place of 5 bands but not bad for our first show with this line-up right?

Anyway, at least decrepit did not win so all is right with the world. We did feel that the winning band was WAY over qualified for the show. The other bands are up and coming and these guys had a cd coming out already. They were good but I felt they were way too well established to be playing at this gig.

I'd like to thank everyone who came out and the others bands that were pretty bad ass.

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