2006 CD Compilation
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2006 CD Compilation


Genre: Acid
Hometown: Florida-Pembroke Pines
Members: Kevin Burns
Joined: 10/31/06 16:19:18
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Quick Bio
TheTalentFarm Studios has recently celebrated its first year as South Florida’s premiere recording and rehearsal studio. During that time we’ve made many acquaintances and some very good friends. We’ve opened our doors to bring you some of the best national acts as they shared our stage with our own local talent. As a result, our locals made great contacts and learned firsthand about the rigors of touring, and a little more about the music business in general. The touring bands made some new friends and appreciative fans. Win-win! In that respect, TheTalentFarm Studios has had a very successful first year!

I thought it would be cool to create an enhanced CD compilation of some of those events and include them in with tracks from local artists who selected us as their studio of choice this year! This compilation chronicles our first year in business. And not only will it include tracks from almost every artist who has recorded here, it will also include tracks from some of the most incredible touring bands to ever play our venue. They have very graciously donated their work so we can share it with you on this, our very first TheTalentFarm Studios CD Compilation! Also included will be video clips, pictures, and links back to their sites, so you can follow up on their progress as they climb the ladder to success. I hope you enjoy this compilation as much as I will enjoy sharing it with you!

A special thanks goes out to all the bands, fans, and friends of TheTalentFarm Studios! Without you, we are nothing but an empty warehouse in the everglades. Because of your continued support though, we’re able to bring quality music and live events to everyone and anyone who cares to experience it.


by admin, posted 01/17/07 10:55:34

It's Wednesday, the 21st of February, and the new CD's have finally arrived!!!

Special thanks to Walt at CD Imprint for all his help and support every step of the way. You won't find a better, more helpful replication service than CD Imprint for any size CD duplication project, posters, or flyers.

TheTalentFarm 2006 Compilation CD has arrived!

It's everything I thought it would be, and then some! It contains some amazing songs and video clips from our first year recording bands and hosting shows here. It's a mix of some of the better known touring bands we've showcased, along with some of the local talent that supported them when they did. It's the first of many (hopefully) annual cd compilations to be produced by TheTalentFarm Studios in our endeavor to help solidify an ever growing South Florida music scene!

... And they've finally arrived!!! Daaaaaamn!

So.... All you local bands on the CD?

You know who you are! Come on by the studio to pick up your copies, so you can be the first to pass them along to your very best friends!

And please... Tell everyone you know about this amazing comp!

PS I've left it up to each band to determine the retail price for the cd. Some may give them away, some may charge a nominal fee, some may put them on e-bay for thousands of dollars...

The point is this... You will not find a better collection of music and video representing your local scene, for any amount of money! Period.

So... If you want your very own copy of a future classic, a virtual collectors item, get in touch with any of the bands that are on the comp!


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